Is your home in need of a Deep Clean?

When do you know if it’s time to give your home a very good cleaning? For deep cleaning that produces comprehensive results, look to Maid4Clean. . Maid4Clean cleaning professions offer an in-depth clean that can help keep your home feeling fresh.

Here’s a Guide for Our Deep Cleaning

Some homeowners may think that deep cleaning should only be done a couple of times per year. However, the truth is that in-depth cleaning should be conducted more frequently in order to avoid the accumulation of stubborn dirt and grime.

Of course, some areas of your home will require in-depth cleaning more frequently than others. This all depends on the amount of traffic they experience and other factors that vary from home to home. Here are our suggestions for creating a cleaning schedule that will keep your home clean and smelling fresh.



Since the warm, moist environment of bathrooms is ideal for the growth of bacteria, these areas need to be deep cleaned more often. We recommend conducting an in-depth clean of your bathrooms on a weekly basis, including mopping the floors, washing bathmats, and scrubbing the shower or tub.



People who like to cook and cook frequently will need to deep clean their kitchens more often than those who prefer to eat out. Once a week is a good rule of thumb for mopping, scrubbing the sink and countertop, and cleaning out the microwave. Larger kitchen appliances also need to be deep cleaned every few months.

Living areas

Living areas

Depending on whether or not you have children or small pets, you’ll want to deep clean your carpets once or twice each year. As far as other surfaces in your living areas, we suggest a detailed dusting once per month to do away with dust accumulation on baseboards, blinds, and other often-overlooked spaces.

All Rooms

Dust and clean window sills. High dust each room to remove any cobwebs or dust build up.

Dust and clean wall hangings and ceiling fans.

Clean doors and and polish entry glass door

Dust all blinds and clean baseboards.

Vacuum all floors and stairs with air cleaning HEPA filtration backpack vacuums. Vacuum all furniture and under cushions.

Mop all floors with microfiber.